Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moving, letting go and change.

by anonymous

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They took my furniture away today. They took my mom's buffet that was the first piece of furniture she and my dad purchased after they were married in 1950. They took the white wicker wardrobe I bought when I decorated my daughter's room 23 years ago. I always wanted to have white wicker furniture for her. They took the rattan dresser that was the first "grown up" dresser I could afford. I had it for so long. They took the stand that my mother used to keep her iron collection on. I kept the irons. They took the entertainment unit I bought my mom when she lived in assisted living and I wanted her to have nice furniture. The room was so small and hard to furnish. Whenever I looked at it I knew I had disappointed her. They took each piece, threw it in the garbage truck; squished it to smithereens one piece at a time. I watched from my newly carpeted and freshly painted bedroom window. I got emotional and teary eyed. They are just things. Things that I could not use anymore. In three cases, things that I had because at one time I could not afford better so I used them and enjoyed them. I did not expect removing them to make room for new and nicer furniture would make me sad. It did. It was like seeing old friends get tossed aside never to be used or enjoyed again. Sometimes even the little changes evoke emotions.
Elyse has taken a hiatus from her blog. She'll be watching  20 plus years of things she knew as "comfortable" go in the garbage. Change is good. My new things are my choices; not other people's leftovers but I cannot move ahead without looking backwards if just for a moment and remember when and why I had each one of these rather insignificant pieces and a little piece of me went in that garbage truck with them!
So, if you follow  "A lady over 50" or you have a moving story to share while Elyse is busy with a big change in her life we would love to hear it! 

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