Thursday, September 20, 2012

Miss you......

This room is actually neat compared to my mess!
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Well, I moved.  What a job!  It's a bigger job when you are downsizing.  We have absolutely no room for anything.  So, needless to say,  this place is a mess.  We are going to have to get creative.  At least for the time being. My house was sold so fast that we really did not have sufficient time to look for something that would really fit our needs.  So we had to settle.  I don't want to get into all the negatives right now.  I will save them for a future post.  There is one positive.  It is new.  Besides that once we get somewhat settled we are going to start looking again.  Moving is definitely one of the most stressful events in life.  It's something that is unsettling.  There are people, for business reasons, that move often.  I wonder how they deal with the change.   There are also people that do not like to stay in one place for long.  I am not one of those people.  What is your take on moving?  Have you downsized or moved to a larger space?  Have you found it hard to move or not really?  Packing up was kind of surreal so I think that I was numb.  I went through the motions of packing not really thinking of what the impact was going to be.  Now that we are here reality is setting in and I realize that I made a hasty decision but really had no choice.  My daughter is keeping everything in perspective for me.  She is so sensible.  xoxo


  1. I hope you guys got rid of all the things that you are not using anymore during the packing so that you’ll be able to fit all your stuff in your new place. If the amount of your stuff is still large for your new home, then I would suggest that you have a “part two” of the segregating and categorizing. Maybe there are still things that you’re not going to use for a while, and you can place them in a safe spot or box. I see you have a plastic storage box in the picture; it could be the perfect place for you to hide those things.

    Ericka Muldowney

    1. Hi Ericka,
      Great idea to have a "part two" after the move. Our new place is so much smaller than our house was so we definitely have to continue the weeding out process. And I love your idea of storing things that we are not going to use. It's almost silly to take things out of boxes that we really don't use but absolutely do not want to throw away. Thank you for your comment! elyse


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