Friday, September 28, 2012

Royal Pains

The summer is my favorite time of the year.  Yet this past summer was a very unsettling one because we were packing and moving.  But we were so lucky to have the beach.  It saved us!  Walking onto the beach we could put all the craziness aside for a few hours and just be.  We have a locker at "Catalina" Beach Club.  Besides being a beautiful beach club with great food it is also a famous location used for model shoots, etc.  The show "Royal Pains" is also partially filmed there.  We were there when they were filming a scene.  The scene was a volleyball tournament.  Dr. Hank Lawson and Dr. Evan Lawson were running to the rescue of a volleyball player.  You cannot imagine how many people are involved in filming one scene.  Royal Pains airs on the "USA" network.  

The crew

It seemed like medical attention was needed at the volleyball tournament.

Dr. Evan Lawson and Dr. Hank Lawson

So much equipment!

A really long day of filming!


  1. Long Island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We are so lucky to live close to the "city" and the beaches. We often don't take advantage of this. The public beaches are great. If you are lucky enough to be a member at one of the private beach clubs that have been a part of NY forever then you really get the benefits of enjoying the beach. It is better than therapy! It's nice to walk on the beach or the boardwalk in the off season as well. Why don't we meet there before it gets too cold?

    1. Hi Ann,
      I haven't been to many other beaches but am told that New York has some of the nicest beaches in the world. My favorite summer place to be! Yes, better than therapy! And yes let's meet for a walk on the boardwalk! xoxo elyse


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