Monday, October 29, 2012

Some great advice.

Hope that everyone is staying safe from the storm.

I found this on Stumbleupon.  I guess it is easier said then done but something to read and really think about!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Some beauty trivia we might want to know

While surfing the web I came across this info.  Hope that you enjoy reading it.  
I think the sun is finally going to come out today in New York.  Have a good day everyone.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Suzanne Somers

Today is Suzanne Somer's 66th Birthday.  Hard to believe.  I think that she is always so full of life with so much to share with us.  Whether it is her acting (Chrissy on "Three's Company"), her writing career, helping us to keep trim with the "thighmaster" or selling so many diverse products on HSN and ShopNBC she never fails to give us her all.  She is an advocate for anti aging.  But her anti aging practices are definitely out of the box.  Click here to read more about it.  Although we cannot deny that Suzanne Somers looks amazing at 66, her unconventional practices should not be entered into without careful investigation.  On a lighter note, Suzanne Somers has always been a fashion icon.  Always someone to look to for style.  Happy Birthday Suzanne Somers!

photos via "Huff Post Style"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My 40 year high school reunion.

This past Saturday night was my reunion.  Some words that I can use to describe it are surreal, amazing and magical!!!  I had the best time!  To see classmates that I have not seen in 40 years was beyond special!!!  Like traveling back in time (something that I always want to do and I actually did it Saturday night.)  We wore our graduation photos with our names.  A good idea when you didn't know who someone was.  Our class was 619 students.  I did not know all of them.
From the minute I walked in.....well you couldn't even walk in because immediately you would see someone and then someone else and then someone started talking to one person then another.  It was almost impossible to stay with one conversation.  You want to see everyone but that was also impossible.  Too many people and too short a time.  Everyone was so genuinely friendly and grateful to be there.  We are truly friends forever!
If your high school has a reunion you won't regret going!  Even the people that were hesitant about going had the best evening.  xoxo elyse

A few photos.........

Friday, October 19, 2012

Have a great weekend.

This is the weekend my graduating class has been waiting for.  We have all been talking on Facebook for I think close to two years.  I am going to see people that I have not seen in 40 years.  Crazy!!!  We will be wearing name tags with our high school yearbook pic on it.  I guess that will be very helpful.  I am really looking forward to the night.  Can't wait to see you Class of 1972!!!!

The best eyeshadow that I ever used!

 Last year my daughter and I were in Saks in NYC.  My daughter uses Christian Dior mascara.  A little pricey but she loves it!  When she purchased her mascara they gave me a sample of eyeshadow.  I have been using it for a year and loving it!  Well I used it up.  We were in Bloomingdales last night and walked over to the Christian Dior counter to inquire about the shadow.  It was $59.  Something that I would never ever spend on eyeshadow.  BUT......tomorrow night is my 40 year high school reunion.  I am doing my own make-up and this shadow is very dramatic and it stays and stays and stays.  So, lucky me, my daughter treated me to it.  She insisted that I get it to wear for the reunion.   I'm a CVS make-up person.  I find that most make-up is the same.  Foundations, lipsticks, mascara.  But this Christian Dior eyeshadow is really beautiful.   Our Beauty Advisor,  Diane Giordanella,  was so knowledgeable and helpful.  Diane said that the shadow will last a year because you don't have to keep reapplying it.   Thank you Diane for your help!  I love the shadow.
p.s.  you can dampen the applicator for a more dramatic look.

So many combinations to choose from.

The beautiful shadow box comes in a little velvet pouch.  So pretty!

Five beautiful colors that work so well together and two double-sided applicators.  And a nice size mirror!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The eyes have it!

Hi lovely ladies,
My 40 year high school reunion is this Saturday night.  Forty years!!!  Can't believe it!  Still don't know what I am wearing. 
 While browsing the internet I came across these eyes.  Needless to say I am not going to be wearing eye make-up like this but.......I like to see the way that the liner and shadow is done to get ideas of how I will do my make-up. 

This would be something that I would try to copy.

Not this!

photos via

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barbra Streisand at the Barclays Center

Saturday night my daughter and I were treated to Barbra Streisand.  And what a treat!  The Barclays Center is amazing and say the least!!!!  Barbra Streisand has been my idol since I was a teenager.  I have always wanted to see her in concert but never have.  So when my friend called me and said "you are going to see Barbra Streisand!!!" I could not believe it.
First we had the most delicious dinner at the 40/40 Club.  Jay Z,  you know how to rock  a restaurant.  (And thank you Bruce Ratner and Jay Z for bringing the Nets and this beautiful venue to Brooklyn!)   As we walked into the restaurant we were all served champagne. The 40/40 Club is absolutely beautiful with big screen televisions throughout.  Of course they were playing scenes from Barbra Streisand movies (what a treat!)
Stations are set up throughout the restaurant.  One table for beef sliders, one for turkey burger sliders, one for crab sliders (I had the crab and it was soooo good!)  Stations for fish, potatoes, the most amazing macaroni and cheese that you will ever taste, lamb chops, steak, salads, chicken satay.......the list of dishes goes on and on.  Too many to mention!  Dessert.....the biggest red velvet cake I have ever seen.  And the tiniest cheesecake with the most delicious raspberry sauce drizzled throughout.  Then I ate the most decadent chocolate (brownie/fudge) with caramel sauce and I don't know what.....yum!!!!
As if the dining experience wasn't enough.  Then we walk into the most amazing arena that I have ever seen.......and the concert that I have been waiting for since I was a teen......BARBRA!!!!!!!
I have to say that I felt like I was in a reality television show.  It was surreal!!!  xoxo
 (Thank you David!)


The concert!!!!

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