Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting recertified

Hi lovely ladies,
I was certified as a personal trainer in 1995.  I am training clients again so I am getting recertified.  This is what recertification looks like........

The test is 100 questions.  Of course they are multiple choice which I think always makes it harder.
It is an open book test but what a book!!!

I miss blogging so much.  I love talking with you.  I love to share info and stuff that I find on the internet and that I discover in everyday life.   I am going to try to blog as much as I can while doing this home study course.  xoxo elyse


  1. That's so great, Elyse. I love it when we women over 50 get back to doing what we truly love. Why don't you use your blog to help you with re certification? I would love to get a few free excersize lessons from here and maybe it'll help you study! That book looks a little intimidating but I am sure if you did it before you can do it again. Any quick tips to get in shape for our reunion in 10 days? Good luck

    1. Hi Ann,
      I will definitely be posting some exercises. In the meanwhile it would be my pleasure to work out with you. In regard to our reunion the fastest way to change your body is to stand up straight, shoulders back and suck those abdominals in. It makes a big difference. Also arms tone up pretty quickly because they are smaller muscles. So if we do bicep and tricep exercises until the reunion our arms might look a little better in a sleeveless top or dress! ( day on, day off) xoxo elyse


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