Thursday, October 18, 2012

The eyes have it!

Hi lovely ladies,
My 40 year high school reunion is this Saturday night.  Forty years!!!  Can't believe it!  Still don't know what I am wearing. 
 While browsing the internet I came across these eyes.  Needless to say I am not going to be wearing eye make-up like this but.......I like to see the way that the liner and shadow is done to get ideas of how I will do my make-up. 

This would be something that I would try to copy.

Not this!

photos via


  1. Makeup really is an art. Beautiful photos. The older I get (yes I'll be celebrating 40 years since High School as you know) the less makeup I wear. My eyes tear a lot so eye make up doesn't cut it. I would love full lashes but everytime I ever tried to even do false ones I just couldn't. When I had my make up done for something they added some lashes to mine that lasted about a week. See you at our 40th!

    1. Hi Ann, these photos are beautiful and the make-up is professionally done but I hate when my make-up is professionally done. I have to do my own shadow and mascara. The only thing that I sometimes like is when lashes are added professionally. Thank you for your comment. See you at our 40th!!! xoxo


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