Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What happened to Thanksgiving?

The other day I was in Bloomingdales.  As usual the store is always decorated beautifully and festively.  But I was surprised to see these decorations.  Wasn't I just on the beach a short while ago?


  1. Really, no Thanksgiving? I'm sure Bloomingdales looks beautiful. The photos are great. Just wish there was a turkey photo somewhere! I rarely go to any stores. Mostly I shop the internet. Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever. I guess b/c we don't usually give gifts they don't promote it. I think we make Christmas and the holiday season too much about the gifts. We forget what the holiday is really about. But hopefully whatever we celebrate we have fun & we get to spend them with people we love. The world has changed but what about Halloween? Wasn't that the greatest fun in the old days?

    1. Hi Ann,
      We go to Bloomingdales for lunch. They have a really nice cafe that is very inexpensive. Then we walk around and look at everything we are not going to buy and then we go back to the cafe for the best frozen yogurt! The Christmas displays are beautiful! Not even a pumpkin in sight. Nor a turkey. But still pretty and festive! As always thank you for your comment! xoxo elyse


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