Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Dad's Special Birthday Celebration.

This New Year's Eve my Dad has a special Birthday.  It is so true when they say that it is just a silly number.    My Dad should teach a course in how to live life to the fullest!  My Dad is passionate about his work, his family, and his golf game.  This past Saturday my family hosted a Birthday lunch in his honor.  It was a surprise and he most definitely was surprised!  My sisters and brother and cousin (who is like a brother) and I made toasts to my Dad.  It was a beautiful intimate lunch with our family and my Dad's close friends.  Happy Birthday Dad!

                        My Dad was really surprised!
My first pic is very blurry...sorry.

Very blurry again (sorry) but very happy!

My cousin who is really my second brother.

My Dad and my cousin.

Listening to his Birthday toasts.

Me and my Dad.
The Seawane beautiful!!!!!

I was not being the best photographer......too many windows...sorry again.

This is the centerpiece.  I took pics of all the flowers in it.

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