Monday, January 14, 2013

Beautiful table settings.

My friend, Elayne Sloane,  knows how to set a table.  And cook!

 These are some of her beautiful table settings........

And some of her creations.......

Better with bacon


Rhubarb pie (before)

Rhubarb pie (after)

Christmas Wreath - how creative!

More beautiful settings by Elayne in the following weeks!


  1. Hi Elyse and Elayne, I love this kind of post. There is such an art to a beautiful dinner both in presentation and recipe. I follow a few blogs that show tablescapes & these equal or surpass any of them. I don't cook, but I bet recipes would be at least 3 blogs if Elayne wants to share them plus recipes on Pinterest are CRAZY. I'm so glad people still put some of the finer touches in their homes that I thought was going to be a lost art. So, looking forward to more posts like this.

  2. Hi Ann,
    When I saw Elayne's beautiful tables I asked her if I could post them. She really is talented. And cooking......I don't cook like that either! She has more table settings and creative ideas that I will post soon! xoxo elyse


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