Thursday, January 10, 2013

Help for thinning hair.

photo via enviroblog.

When I was younger my hair was so thick that it would knot like crazy.  My Dad would thin it with a thinning scissor.  It's so funny.  I used to complain about how long it took to blow-dry my hair.  Well now I only wish.  It doesn't take as long as it used to.  I'm hoping it is because the blow dryers are new and improved (lol), but I don't think so.  My hair definitely has thinned a little.  Well that is not acceptable so I have to do something about it.  One thing that I am doing, believe it or not, is using "Latisse" on the areas that I think are thinning.  I also am taking "Biotin" 5000 mcg a day.
I also just came across an endorsement by Dr. Oz for a product that I think I have to get ASAP.  It is a shampoo and conditioner that contain Minoxidil.  The products are by "Keranique."

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