Friday, February 8, 2013

The benefits of our furry friends.

My friend Doug and his niece recently posted an article about the benefits of pets.....and it made me realize the importance of Teddy, my 4 legged friend.
As I type this post Teddy is sitting on my lap very interested in what I am doing.   He just wants to be near me.  When I leave and walk out the door I look up to see his little face looking out the window.  And I know he is thinking "mommy don't leave me."  And when I come home I get the most welcoming greeting as if he hasn't seen me in weeks!
Unconditional love.  That is what I get from Ted.  When I have no one to talk to I always have Teddy.  And he always listens (and agrees with what I have to say.)  I always have a television partner.  He jumps on my lap and likes whatever show I want to watch!
 I can't imagine not having a dog.  They fill up your home and your heart with so much love.  Do you have one pet or more?
And our furry friends can do so much more!
Click here to read the wonderful article written by Danielle Einav, LCSW and Douglas Segan, MD.

And here is Teddy!

Always in the same room with me.

How sweet is that face?

Teddy's favorite blanket.

He must have heard something outside.

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