Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our favorite television show floor plans

When you watch your favorite television show do you wonder what the rooms that are not shown look like?  I always try to imagine what they look like.  Inaki Aliste Lizarraide, a Spanish designer, was thinking the same thing and decided to do something about it!  He created very detailed floor plans of  many of our favorite television shows.  Amazing!  I finally have closure to what these television homes look like! What do you think?  Is this how you imagined the unseen rooms? 

photo via
Two and a Half Men

photo via Gothamist

photo via

Nbc/Getty images

The Golden Girls House via


Monty Brinton/CBS/Getty Images


Gary Null/NBC/Getty Images

New Line Cinema/Everett Collection

via wikicommoms


designs by Inaki Aliste Lizarralde via google images

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