Monday, March 4, 2013

Spray Tan

This past Saturday my niece took a course in how to give a spray tan.  She needed two "guinea pigs" for the course.  That would be my daughter and me!  The course was in SOHO at "Brazil Bronze glow bar."  I was a little apprehensive because I have heard in the past negative things about the chemicals that were used for spray tans.  This particular spray tan uses all natural and 100% organic ingredients. NO chemicals!!!  Totally safe!  In fact, it is totally safe for pregnant women.  I don't like chemicals so that was really important to know.  If it wasn't all natural there is no way I would have volunteered.
So, ready for our tans.  I went first.  I changed into an old bra and bathing suit bottom.  I took a before pic which at this moment I am still deciding if I want to post.   You are guided to stand in certain positions.  Nothing uncomfortable.  The solution is a little on the cold side.  If you are being sprayed in the winter the room should definitely be warm.  The instructor sprayed me one time and my niece with her guidance sprayed me the second time.  When it was my daughter's turn my niece was confident to spray her both times. (you get two coats)
When you are done you are pretty dark.  You look like you spent a week on a beach.  It's a little sticky.  Not too bad.  When I got home that night I showered.  A lot of the color runs off you when you shower and you are left with a really nice looking tan.  Not too dark, not orange, just a really nice bronze glow!  Your tan is supposed to last for a week.  I will let you know.
I would definitely do it again!  A great way to start the Spring and Summer.  Great for a special event.  You will look slimmer and toned!  
If anyone in the Long Island area is interested please email me and I will give you the info.  My niece did great and I would absolutely let her spray me again!!!

                              Ok, I posted part of me.  Just wanted to show you the difference.

update: day 3 and I am still tan.
update: day 9 and I still have a slight tan!

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  1. Looks great! Will absolutely want this done to me! :)


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