Thursday, April 4, 2013

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Last weekend I went with my daughter to Kitchen Kabaret, in East Hills for lunch.  Kitchen Kabaret is a gourmet food market that has the largest array of delectable dishes.  There is something for everyone!  From sushi to smoothies.  They have it all!
When we were waiting for our lunch my daughter took notice of a very stylish woman.  Her hair was pulled tight and she was wearing a fedora.  The woman was wearing jeans with funky patches on them.  She also was wearing big beautiful rings on her fingers.   I did glance over to her for a second and thought that she looked familiar.
Anyway, while we were eating our lunch we saw a group of young girls surrounding this woman and talking to her.  At that point my daughter realized that it was Cyndi Lauper!.....standing at the coffee counter.  I had to walk over.  Ms. Lauper was signing autographs for the girls on napkins.  They were kind enough to hand me a napkin and "the pen" that was being passed around and I too received an autograph from the amazing Cyndi Lauper.  Not only did I receive her autograph, we had the nicest conversation.  She was so friendly and sweet!  I would love to have coffee with her!
  So there we were, in Kitchen Kabaret in East Hills  having a great conversation with the incomparable Cyndi Lauper.  You never know who you are going to meet when you wake up in the morning!!!

This is my autographed napkin!

And here is Cyndi Lauper!

p.s. the Mom in the video is Cyndi's real mother, brother and dog!!!!
p.s.s. we didn't think it would be right to ask to take a pic with her.  We did take a few from a distance but she just looks like a dot so I am not posting them.
p.s.s.s.  read more about Cyndi Lauper here.

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