Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hair Loss

Hi Ladies,
When I was a young girl my father would thin my hair with a thinning scissor. My hair was thick and it would get so knotty. I did complain about my hair throughout the years because it was also very, very frizzy. I always dreamed of walking in the rain or swimming and not having my hair frizz. Well, that was then and now is now.............when I turned 50 (a little more than 6 years ago) my hair started to thin. You wouldn't notice because I had so much hair. So I ignored it until recently. Within the past few months I have been examining my hair and I have been noticing that I can see my scalp too easily. A few weeks ago I was blowing out my hair and I noticed that I blew it out in 15 minutes! Well, that job used to take 1 hour!!!! Okay, time to take action! I went to the dermatologist who suggested that I start using Minoxidil and to also start taking a Biotin Supplement. I am fortunate that I started with a lot of hair but I am going to follow this treatment so I don't lose any more and hopefully some will grow back!

Hair Loss over the age of 50 is very common. Female hair loss is different than male hair loss. A woman's hair will thin while a man will get a receding hairline and large bald spots. As long as hair loss does not happen all of a sudden with patchy spots and stress can be ruled out then thinning hair is just part of aging......WHICH WE LADIES ARE DOING BEAUTIFULLY........so if your thinning hair bothers you as mine did then see your dermatologist. Hair loss can be reversed and stopped!
Talk soon......Elyse Rose

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