Thursday, July 29, 2010

What to wear

Hi Ladies,
I am reading so many rules on how we should dress as ladies over fifty. Personally I can't agree with most of it. There are rules for style, color, quality, day and evening fashion, casual dress, accessories, etc. First we're told to wear navy, charcoal and black during the day. Then we are told only wear black and white at night. Then we are told not to wear black or white. We should wear navy. I do not like navy for day, night or anytime. Maybe if I were a sailor! Ladies, why can't we wear what makes us feel good.... What makes us feel attractive, pretty, sexy. I realize that I am 56 and I am not going to walk around with a cropped top and my stomach showing like I did in my teens and twenties but hey if I want to wear something short and sexy I will!!! Remember Samantha in the new "Sex and the City" movie. She walks into a store to buy a dress for a red carpet event. Sales Woman: "Isn't this dress a little young for you?"
Samantha: "Well I don't know, how old do you think I am? (pause) Well I am fifty f***ing two and I am going to rock this dress." You go girl!!! I'm not saying to wear a skin tight outfit which makes your chest and butt bulge out. Look in the mirror. How do you look? We might not want to show a specific part of our body. Maybe we don't like our arms. Okay for now, until we tone up our biceps and triceps, wear a loose sleeve. (FYI: biceps and triceps respond very quickly to strength training....look for my post on that). For the office, yes, conservative is better. But, I never will wear a navy pantsuit! I never will wear a navy skirt suit. What's with navy? Why is it recommended for us baby boomers. I'll take black, white, gray, or khaki any day! The right undergarments are very important. Wearing the right bra will definitely diminish back fat. (which I will discuss in another post because I refuse to believe that we cannot get rid of it). Ladies, we are vibrant, beautiful, successful women. Don't wear baggy, shapeless clothing. Please have fun with fashion! Look at celebs that are our contemporaries. Get some ideas by how they dress. Of course don't follow everything that they wear. Sometimes they can go a little overboard. I think that we can wear any fashion trend if we modify it a little. Wear handbags that are classic and fun. I think shoulder bags make us look more youthful. I don't love big chunky jewelry. Sometimes less is more. I know pearls are classic. I own pearls but never wear them. I think they make me look too matronly. Ladies, don't think that you have to have short hair just because you are over fifty. I don't love big earrings. Draws too much attention. I rather make my eyes look more dramatic! I just read one article that says we should wear turtlenecks. That is the last piece of clothes that I would ever buy. Turtleneck......makes me look like I have a turtleneck....and how is wearing a turtleneck going to help my hot flashes? Really.....Ladies as the old saying goes "if the shoe fits wear it." What is your opinion?
Talk soon.....Elyse Rose

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