Thursday, August 18, 2011

We Are Family!

This past Sunday I attended my step-daughter's bridal shower.  Her mom hosted it at her country club in New Jersey.  It was absolutely beautiful!  My step-daughter was surrounded by friends and family.
 My step-daughter opened her gifts as her sister, my daughter, assisted in the festivities.  My step-daughter is 31 years old and is getting married in October.  My daughter is 24 years old.  When I met my step-daughter she was three and a half years old.  She was so adorable!  I was nervous to meet her at the time because, of course,  I wanted her to like me.
I was blessed with a daughter when my step-daughter was seven years old.  I was so thrilled that they had each other.  So happy that they were sisters.  They were never half sisters, they were always sisters.  They were typical sisters, just not seven days a week.
My heart broke when I got divorced from their father.  It broke because not only was my daughter's father moving out of the house but I was breaking up two sisters.  What do I do?  Stay in a marriage that is not good  and let my daughter and step-daughter see that or get out?  A torturous decision.  I couldn't stay married.  So not only was my husband leaving, I knew that my step-daughter was not going to sleep over every weekend anymore.  Needless to say this made my daughter and myself extremely sad.  This is a guilt that I always have within me.
I tried in whatever ways I possibly could to keep my two daughters together over the years.  It was not easy.  They saw each other whenever possible.  A positive was that I love my step-daughter's mom (when my daughter was little she thought that her sister's mom was her aunt.)  When their father was around the girls would see each other a little more.  It was never as it was when we were all together.   Then years later my ex-husband and his girlfriend moved to Florida which greatly upset the two girls.
As my two daughters got older on their own they recultivated their sisterhood.  Each year they get closer and closer.  Needless to say it makes me happy.  But more important they have each other.  And I know that that makes them happy.  They have different personalities that sometimes clash.  But through it all they are sisters.  They always have been and they always will be!
Now as my step-daughter enters the next phase of her life as a wife to a wonderful man,  my daughter couldn't be happier.  My daughter made a beautiful speech and presentation to her sister at the shower.  It was a very emotional moment for me as well as for my two daughters.
 There are so many happy things to look forward to!  We are all so excited about the wedding! My daughter looks forward to getting a brother-in-law and cannot wait for her sister to have a baby so she can be an aunt!  That will make me a step-grandmother.  But I hope that I will just be considered a grandmother.
My ex-husband has been in a relationship for the past ten years.  So at the shower was the mother of the bride, the step-mother of the bride, the girlfriend of the father of the bride and the mother of the groom.  That makes four future grandmothers!!!  One big happy family!!!  And we really are!!!!!!

My beautiful Step-daughter at her Bridal Shower
To her right, her mom (1st wife), me (2nd wife), next,  present girlfriend and to my step-daughter's left her future mother-in-law

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