Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello Tight Skin

Hi ladies,
I walked into Lord and Taylor with my daughter on Saturday and within two minutes a rep from StriVectin seated me in a chair.  I didn't get up because to tell you the truth I saw a magazine ad for their new product.  "Tightening Neck Cream" and I have been thinking about it because my neck needs to be tightened.  Immediately the rep whose name is Lisa started taking off my make-up by the jawline.  She then proceeded to apply their new product and tell me and my daughter all about it.
The ingredient that is responsible for tightening and lifting is "Niacin."  
I'm going to quote what StriVectin says about "Niacin."
"NIA-114, StriVectin's proprietary form of Niacin, turbo-charges cell performance to renew skin strength.  Stronger skin can better fight visible signs of aging like sagging....and win.  Protein tighteners give skin smoother, firmer contours.  So you see more lift.  And that's not all.  NIA-114 strengthens skin's ability to hold natural collagen-the key to tighter, firmer skin" "Niacin is often called the new skin wonder drug."

Well, my daughter said that my neck actually looked a little tighter!  I don't know if she was just trying to be nice but I looked in the mirror and I might have seen it too!  Needless to say that was one application. You have to apply the product twice a day and results are supposed to be extremely visible in about eight weeks.
When you first put on the product you can feel a little flushed on your skin.  That is a property of Niacin.
When you apply the product Lisa said to apply it from the center of your neck towards the back.  That is the opposite way that skin would drape.  Lisa gave me a small sample.  Over the weekend one of my friends applied it to her neck and she said that she saw a difference.  Well if we are seeing a difference with one application then in eight weeks we are going to have tight necks!!!

You can visit StriVectin here.

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