Friday, September 30, 2011

The Places I'd Like to Visit

Watching the new show "Pan Am"  (Sunday nights  on ABC) made me think of all the places in the country and the world that I would love to visit.  Just wanted to share them with you.
 From the very first time I watched the "Sound of Music" with my daughter we became so interested in visiting Austria.

The mountains of Austria where Maria sang "The Hills are alive"


Ipanema (I always made believe that I was the girl from Ipanema)
English Countryside

I would love to see many places in the United States.  The one state that I want to visit the most is California!  I was born in California when my dad was in the army.  He was stationed in a few states around the country.  My parents lived in California for about a year and a half.  So all I remember is what I have seen in home movies.  I have only been back there once and that was about 26 years ago.  So California is first on my list of places in the U.S.

Manhattan Beach, California

Napa Valley
Ladies, where would you like to travel to if you could pick any place in the world?

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