Friday, November 11, 2011

Indo Board

Hi my ladies (and men..this one is for you too),
Just when you thought that every possible way to work out was invented.......welcome Indo Board!
Indo Board is an oval-shaped platform that rests on a separate small air cushion. As you advance you can increase the size of the cushion by putting more air into it or change to a more challenging roller.  I cannot wait to do this workout.  It does not look that easy, though.  The thing is that you must use your core to balance, so you get a great ab workout!  And it is a killer leg workout!  It sounds amazing to me and also sounds like fun.  You perform modified sit-ups, squats and more on the board.  It's all about balance.
Indo Board is great for snowboarders and surfers during the off-season.  It is definitely a challenging workout.  Every muscle group is involved.  

This workout was originally started for surfers and skateboarders. (This one's for you Garett!)               

Here is a beginner Indo board class.

 You can visit Indo board here.

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