Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome to Monday December 19th

Hi my ladies,
Inspiration from Sandi Kimmel of Sterling Heart.

Sandi Kimmel and Patrick Murphy are having a holiday special.  Here is how it works.....In their words......

"This holiday season, I’ve come up with a way to help you spread good cheer with my first ever Special Share-the-Music Offer. Beginning today, when you give the gift of positive music to a friend, I’ll give YOU a gift, too!

Oh, the places we'll go!! Here's how it works:

  • Buy any one CD and receive MUSIC BLESSINGS - my latest work of positive music mantras - absolutely free!
  • Buy TWO or more CDs and receive MUSIC BLESSINGS and a copy of our mini-book -  HEART WIDE OPEN - absolutely free!
For Healing:
transitions 4"When you have a headache, take an aspirin.  When you have a stomachache, take an antacid. When your heart hurts, listen to Sandi's music.”
TRANSITIONS – Music to Soothe the Soul (2001) Songs to soothe you through all of the changes and challenges of life. Healing support for wherever you are on the journey, based on the healing power of music. 

For Raising Your Vibration:
musicinmysoul 2“I put on MUSIC IN MY SOUL when I need a boost. The songs help me remember where my joy lives.”
MUSIC IN MY SOUL - Songs for the Heart & Soul (2002) Uplifting and empowering songs about love, life and the Law of Attraction. Guaranteed to boost your energy and raise your spirits!
 For Awakening:
reachup"Your music inspires, comforts, tells the truth about how I feel and what I yearn for."
REACH UP - The Soundtrack for the Spiritual Journey (2008) "If ever there were a time, it's Now..." Songs to uplift. Songs to sing along. Songs to support the journey for anyone on (or near) their spiritual path.

For Kids:
empoweredsongs4k"My anxious little daughter is now sleeping more soundly thanks to your healing music. She puts it on every single night before bed!"
IT'S ABOUT JOY - Empowering Songs 4 Kids Eighteen selected songs from Sandi's albums to uplift, inspire, soothe and support growing healthy, happy children. Universal in nature, the songs express themes of love, spirit, joy and gratitude with positive messages wrapped in sing-out-loud melodies for children of all ages.

MUSIC BLESSINGS is my newest musical project - simple melodies and uplifting messages for your "inner iPod."  Arranged and recorded with Lisa Jane Lipkin, these music mantras have a positive effect on your overall sense of well being.  

You can listen to samples and read the lyrics here. My music is also available on iTunes and CDBaby. *If you order digital downloaded mp3s, let me know where to send your free items. Thank you for letting me sing with you.
"Your songs have become a part of me. I carry you and your music in my heart all the time. You music has been a wonderful blessing to me."
One-Day-at-a-Time-Post-Lg-f 2
Do you need other gift ideas? Patrick just finished creating SoulScapes fine art posters and prints that incorporate lines from my songs. There are 24 scenes to choose from – sunsets and woodlands, beaches and flowers, as seen through the magical lens of a true artist – and each print can be tailored to your needs. They are perfect for hallways and lounges in healing centers, healthcare facilities, hospitals and hospices. (Of course, they look great in living rooms, bedrooms and offices too!")

Wishing you all good things,

Click here to read more about Sandi Kimmel.

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