Friday, February 17, 2012

Black marker drawings by Charlotte Mann

These murals are all done with black marker pens.  They are the works of Charlotte Mann, a British artist known for her wall drawings.  How cool are they?  Would you consider having this on a wall in your home?

Click here to visit Charlotte Mann's site.


  1. I think i might like a mural(s) I don't like these. They are too busy; make me dizzy! Since I have lived and maintained my house for 30 years i have learned not to make permanent (or semi-permanent) changes to the existing structure. When you tire of it; and you may it's hard to get rid of. I'd rather see a mural that hangs then one that is affixed to my walls.

  2. I am a minimalist and I still love these murals. I appreciate her work and wish I could create art like this. Even though I would not choose any of these murals for my own home, I love what she did on these walls and I applaud her work....Very different, Very exciting.

  3. Ann, I agree with you that it is best not to make permanent changes to a wall because it can be difficult to remove when you tire of it. Better to have a mural that is hanging.

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you for your comment. I also wish that I could draw like Charlotte Mann. So intricate. She is so talented. I also would not choose these for my home but her work is amazing. Maybe in a store.


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