Monday, February 6, 2012

Monogram by Andee Leeds

Andee Leeds has a new addition to her jewelry line. Update your favorite bag or tote with your monogram.       
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This is the history of The Monogram.

What is the oldest form of identification in the world, that is still widely recognized and used today? The Monogram.
A monogram is a symbol that is created out of letters. This is usually considered a very personal item as the letters are usually the initials of the person who owns the items. Companies have been known to use monograms in the past, and some use it to create a logo for their company, in our modern times.
Now, not only can you have almost anything monogrammed, but you can monogram almost any gift that you give. Why are monogrammed gifts so popular? Because a monogrammed gift impresses the receiver that a lot of thought was put into the gift. The recipient also has an item that is most likely to be shown to others.
Monograms were first used as currency. This was a transition from the barter system to the beginnings of the creation of money. The first monograms appeared on clay coins with the initials of the ruler of the region. Later monograms developed to identify the valuable property of royalty such as silver, gold and other precious metaled goods. These items ranged from weaponry and armor to household items. Royal banners and Coat of Arms also were some of the first monograms in use.
The reason that monograms were first created and are still in use today, is because of both the simplicity and the beauty that a monogram creates. Early monograms consisted of only two initials, while common monograms are three initials. The three initial monogram became popular in the 18th century.
As with anything else, there are rules to be followed when creating a monogram. In the late 19th century the first rules of the modern monogram became the standard, with the most contemporary rules being adopted in the late 20th century.
Monograms of the 19th century had the three initials side by side with no overlap. The first and last name initials were a smaller font size than the middle initial. The overlap and initial size rules changed in more contemporary times to reflect a large last name initial and overlapping that created a symbol. The last name initial is also commonly found between the first and middle name initials.
If you are searching for a gift for a newlywed couple, such as monogrammed bathrobes or towels, the standard is to put the man's first name initial to the left of the last name initial and the woman's first initial on the right side. An exception to this would be linens, which is usually considered to be in the interest of the bride. If you are purchasing linens as a gift, have the monogram reflect the brides initial first.
Monograms may have a long history and a very close connection to royalty and other wealthy individuals. This is no longer the case. Many times you have have an item monogrammed for free or at low cost, at the time of purchase.

Article Source: by Ryan Gilbert

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