Monday, July 9, 2012

A cute story!

Yesterday I was at the beach and I met my friend in the ladies' room.  It was extremely hot and she seemed kind of annoyed at something.  She then started telling me the funniest thing that had happened to her.  I have to share it with you.
My friend said that she started to put on her bathing suit in the morning.  It was a tankini.  She had just wore it a couple of days ago.  But when she put it on it was soooo tight.  She couldn't understand it.  Her boobs were overflowing and she was really puzzled.  Even though it felt so tight she wore it anyway.
She went to the beach with her husband.  So she was not alone.  They were sitting on the beach and she was really uncomfortable in her bathing suit.  She went to scratch her back and felt a bump.  It was the cups to her bathing suit.  She put it on backwards!!!  She was walking around on the beach with boobs in front and boobs in back and her husband didn't notice.  Maybe her husband didn't tell her because men like boobs wherever they are! Doesn't matter front or back (typical man).
When I met her she had just finished turning her top around.  She really made me laugh.  I asked her if I could post her little story.  She said "yes, but please don't use my name!"


  1. It does seem odd that neither one of them noticed. Of course one of the good things about being over 50 is nobody really cares what you wear.

    But it is a funny story :-)

  2. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for your comment, but what do you mean no one cares what you wear? Us people over fifty still look pretty good. Hope we still get some looks! Will check out your blog.


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