Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My 40 year high school reunion.

This past Saturday night was my reunion.  Some words that I can use to describe it are surreal, amazing and magical!!!  I had the best time!  To see classmates that I have not seen in 40 years was beyond special!!!  Like traveling back in time (something that I always want to do and I actually did it Saturday night.)  We wore our graduation photos with our names.  A good idea when you didn't know who someone was.  Our class was 619 students.  I did not know all of them.
From the minute I walked in.....well you couldn't even walk in because immediately you would see someone and then someone else and then someone started talking to one person then another.  It was almost impossible to stay with one conversation.  You want to see everyone but that was also impossible.  Too many people and too short a time.  Everyone was so genuinely friendly and grateful to be there.  We are truly friends forever!
If your high school has a reunion you won't regret going!  Even the people that were hesitant about going had the best evening.  xoxo elyse

A few photos.........

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