Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spiritual jewelry by Andee Leeds

Ladies, what does Spirituality mean to you?  Some people say that they are spiritual but not necessarily religious.  Others feel that being religious or just participating in a religious belief gives them a spiritual feeling.

Nowadays as in ancient times jewelry plays a part in being spiritual.  Spiritual jewelry gives us a good feeling as we believe that it offers us protection, healing and just good luck. 

Andee Leeds Jewelry is always keeping up with the times and is now combining Spiritual meaning from the past with the present.  Andee is offering the "Evil eye" bracelet and the "Hamsa hand bracelet."  
Bracelets are $45 each.
Stones in all bracelets are cubic zircons.

Kim Kardashian wearing "Evil eye" bracelets.
Photo of Kim Kardashian via

This is a chart with the meanings of different colors for the "evil eye" bracelets.

Chart via

I think we all have a sense of Spirituality.  What a pretty way to show it with one of these beautiful bracelets!

To order:  email Andee at 

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