Thursday, December 20, 2012

Forty Carrots at Bloomingdale's.

Even if I am not shopping at Bloomingdale's  I love to go have lunch at "Forty Carrots."  "Forty Carrots" is the pretty little cafe at Bloomingdale's.
The food is really good and it is not too pricey. "Forty Carrots" also has the BEST frozen yogurt.  What is nice about having lunch there is that you can eat lunch and then go and walk around "Bloomies" and then when you are done either shopping or just browsing you are definitely ready to go back and have the best frozen yogurt .  They also make the best smoothies.  During the winter months when you are looking for an indoor activity it is really fun to visit Bloomingdale's and have a nice lunch.  And the great thing is you don't have to walk into the mall at all. (at least on Long Island)

Fresh fruits and veggies for smoothies.

Freshly made salads.

The best yogurt!

Just for fun read the history of Bloomingdale's here.

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