Friday, August 6, 2010

Hair Length

Hi Ladies,
Used to be when you turned thirty you had to cut your hair. Actually years before that it was even younger. I remember my mom telling me that she cut her long hair in her early twenties because she became a mother. It is not like that anymore. I certainly don't agree with those rules. No one has the right to dictate to us how we should wear our hair. I feel what goes for fashion also applies to our hair. Look in the mirror. How does your hair look?  Does your haircut fit your lifestyle? Is it easy for you to manage? I don't do well with change. I have long hair for many, many years. I have on occasion cut it a little shorter only to grow it longer again. I do need some sort of bangs. I don't have a great forehead. I always felt that I needed hair close to my face to hide features that I didn't like. I am learning that it is more flattering to brush hair away from your face and also give it some height. Layers also work well. This actually flatters your jawline more than bringing your hair towards your face. I do believe that if you have very thin hair then a shorter cut is more flattering. I think that haircolor should make you happy. I hate when my hair is gray. My hair starts to turn gray about 2 weeks after it is dyed. I don't go to the salon each time because it is costly. I do use in between salon visits "Root Touch-up" by Clairol. It is so easy to use and it works. I like my hair to be a light to medium brown base with golden highlights. I have skin on the pale side. What hair color do you use? What length is your hair? Ladies, I know that I am giving a little hair advice here but wear your locks the way you want. My hair is considerably thinner then it used to be but hey I still can wear it long and I will for as long as I can! Do try to use a good conditioner and hair serum to keep hair shiny and healthy looking. Ladies......I always look to the beautiful celebs over 50 to see how they are wearing their hair. I realize that they have done a LITTLE more than just coloring and cutting their hair (we'll have to discuss those options another time!) Talk soon........Elyse Rose

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